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May at caves

At one of weekends of May 2000 I've decided to visit some of caves at Slovakia:
Aggtelek, Jasovo, Domica and Gombaskow.
I didn't expect to be so much surprised by the beauty of what I've seen.
Those caves are fulfilled with stalagmites and stalactites with charm
not comparable to other ones which I could see in other parts of Europe.
Slovakian roads, although sometimes leaky, appeared to be very friendly.
Low prices, good weather and kind-hearted people - what to expect more,
to find great rest at the weekly bicycle trip?
I still have in my memory the night spent at the forestry house
close to the border with Hungary, the birds songs in the surrounding forest.
I remember friendly smiles o of people at the inn by the road to Domica
and the hollow tube at the border with Hungary.
Really - I don't need much in order to taste the adventure.
Just jump into the train into Koszyce and wait for surprises waiting behind the first turn...

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 .:. Caves at Domica, Aggtelek, Jasovo and Gombaskow